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Oct. 18th, 2010

I Am A Dean Fan, Please Leave Me Alone

Concerning Supernatural: 

I am a fan of Dean Winchester. Hence, I am a Dean-fan. I've been one since the show started. I know people who are Dean-fans. And I think it's a shame that we've been lumped in with the hardcore Sam-fans, because I don't think we whine this much and to such a degree.

From Seasons 1-5 I've watched and cheered Dean on. There were times when I felt that there was loopholes in some of the episodes; but I didn't make comments about the show having only one main character. I didn't cry that Dean wasn't getting enough time. I thought he could have been better handled in some of the myth-arcs and that there some tiny questions that weren't answered but I did not rant about the unfairness of it all. I also don't spout this whole POV+/-screen time/myth-arc somehow equals (=)  one main character on a show about two brothers. I found this absurd equation on the Supernatural-tv livejournal.

When it looked like Dean was getting a more prominent role in Season 4... I, and my fellow Dean-fans cried fountains of joy. And then when that role was squashed to some abysmal footnote in the Season 5 finale I chugged down the bitter disappointment and hoped for better next year. And I think a lot of my complaints about the Season 5 finale wasn't merely about Dean being short-changed, it was mostly about the sudden 180 degree turnabout and the shaky writing. Or the anti-climatic confrontation between two brothers. Screw Sam and Dean, a showdown between Lucifer and Michael would have been epic. You know, like Whedon epic!

I am pleased with Season 6 and I am happy about the inclusion of actors such as Misha Collins, Mark Shepard and Robert Singer. I even like Cindy Sampson, because I feel that she is one of the few recurring female characters in the show that was written smartly. Besides Mary Winchester and Tamara, and Ellen I think the other female actresses on this show got the short end. For those who harp about a show spotlighting two brothers, two people can't create a world by themselves. And with a show as intriguing and interesting as Supernatural this is doubly so.

So, this is a statement from a Dean-fan. And I'm probably going to get lambasted from Hell and back. But for the die hard Sam-fans out there? Please leave me, a Dean-fan, alone. Please just let me enjoy my favorite character and let me cheer him on as the season progresses. That's all I want. And I think that's all a majority of the viewers want. To watch an excellent show in relative peace.

May. 14th, 2010

Supernatural: Swan Song

This episode has small measures of win. Some major cases of fail. And a whole freaking truck load of WTF.

Dec. 17th, 2009

22 weeks? Time does fly. . . where you're working

I just read my livejournal account, and it states that I haven't posted anything in 22 weeks. Does this demote me to lurker status?

May. 15th, 2009

WHAT THE HELL? ~ Episode 4.22

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Feb. 6th, 2009

Russian Vodka Room and Supernatural

Last night I went to the Russian Vodka Room on 52nd and 8th with a handful of my co-workers from the Economist Group. The bar is a small hole in the wall which houses 35 different kinds of vodka (plus 8 specialty infusions) and is also highlighted as a piano bar. The bar in itself was nothing fancy, and despite the fact that it was incredibly cramped and there was very little lighting - we all had a great time. As it turns out, there are no windows in the Russian Vodka Room, and all of the tables in the back are dimly lit. Regardless of the poor lighting, I discovered that I rather liked the dark atmopshere - it created a heightened sense of intimacy.

We arrived at the Russian Vodka Room around 6:00, and upon entering the establishment we were greeted by large jars of colored liquid - complete with floating sediment. At first glance, I thought the jars were rather garish and unsightly, but I soon learned that the jars were for meant for more than just decoration. Each vat is filled with homemade flavored vodka, and judging from my coworker's reactions later on in the evening - the vodka is pretty potent.

Some of flavors included regular fare such as peach, apricot, vanilla and cranberry. There were also more exotic flavors such as ginger, horseradish, wheat, and a garlic, chili and dill combination. My coworker Jim (who has never tasted vodka before) ordered the garlic, chili and dill infusion. Considering  that a rather heavy work load had forced the man to skip lunch for the day, it might not have been such a wise idea to drink the entire shot in one go (the shots are rather large). His reaction, to say the least was very comical.

I have never seen a grown man look so happy and giggle so much. Although Jim is not cursed with the infamous Asian blush (he is Chinese), it was very clear that he was either a little drunk or extremely buzzed. And I say this because I don't think he would have said this if he was sober: "You know, I'll eat anything. Except Indian food. Man I can't stand it. It's just . . . " Normally, this opinion wouldn't have caused any unease, but considering that two of the coworkers that joined us for drinks, were in fact Indians. . . it kind of made things a little awkward. What made matters worst was that both Indians were sitting right next to me.

In order to try and rectify the situation (and ensure that I didn't bare the brunt of their disapproval) I quickly interrupted Jim and asked him if he disliked Indian food because he was lactose intolerant. 70% of Chinese people (at least those in China - Jim is from Beijing originally) are lactose intolerant. Jim quickly agreed, stating that the heavy milk based sauces tended to aggravate his stomach. Feeling relieved and believing that the conversation had come to an end, I was very unhappy to hear Jim belt out: "Yeah, and especially those green sauces. Who wants to eat meat in a green sauce?"

As for my other coworkers, they drank their shots a bit more slowly. Two of my coworkers ordered strong Russian beer. Apparently the beer was very thick ("thick enough to chew" as stated by one coworker), and it took them quite some time to drink it.

Alongside our drinks we ordered several appetizers: Gravlax and potato pancakes, assorted pirozki, and cooked kashi covered in roasted mushrooms and a dill creme sauce. All of the food was very simple (as traditional Russian fare usually is) but oh so delicious. One of my coworkers is Russian so he ordered the appetizers and explained the contents of each dish. Overall, it was a pretty entertaining night.

As for Supernatural:

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Nov. 5th, 2008

This Is The Reason Why Jensen Needs Stubble

I was perusing LiveJournal the other day, and I happened to stumble across a Jensen and Danneel website. While I'm not a huge fan of Danneel Harris, there is no denying that the woman is visually appealing. I also think Jensen and Danneel make quite a cute couple. But enough of this, I just found these pictures of Jensen from the end of the Ten Inch Hero movie. This must be why Supernatural's make up team always make sure Dean has a military hair cut (I miss his hair from Season 1) and stubble -- because there is no way Jensen could pull it off as the older brother if he always looked like this.


Please Note That These Pictures Are NOT Mine and I Do Not Take Credit For Them.
If you are interested in more pictures they are available at: 

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Jul. 19th, 2008

RENT At Bloomingdale's and Hellboy II

Bloomingdale's on 69th and Lexington hosted a special performance for the Broadway cast of RENT. The event was held on Thursday, July 17th and the performance took place at 5:30 at the Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear Department on the 2nd floor. I was informed that a brief autograph session with the cast members would follow the performance. In addition, the Bloomingdale's decorated one of it's main window displays for the RENT event. It featured several original costume pieces, and large blow up pictures of the cast. 

Although I was unable to attend the event (what with being at work and all), there were quite a large number of people gathering around the Y.E.S. Contemporary Sportswear Department, awaiting the performance. When I informed that RENT was performing on the 2nd floor to several of my co-workers, they gave me blank looks and then asked what RENT was about. Some people seriously lack exposure to musical theater. 

In other news I finally got to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army on Tuesday, and boy was I blown away. In truth, the main reason why I really wanted to see the movie was because of Prince Nuada. I'm not really a fan of fantasy movies (I refuse to see Lord of the Rings), but Luke Goss was brilliant as King Balor's long lost son. Despite the fact that Ron Perlman was brilliant as Hellboy, and Doug Jones truly breathed life into Abe Sapien, I think that Luke Goss's Prince Nuada stole the show. 


May. 30th, 2008

When Confronted By An All Powerful Psychotic Demon. . . Curl Into The Fetal Position

I finally saw the Season 3 finale of Supernatural, and I must say . . . I was a bit disappointed. While all viewers were clearly made aware of the fact that Dean would probably be going to hell, they were also hints of an astounding revelation. A revelation which focused on Dean, and was of the likes that Supernatural had never seen before. Needless to say, while Dean's demise was rather graphic, I couldn't really grasp what the startling secret was. 

Well, there was Sammy. Who managed to protect himself from an all powerful demon named Lilith - by curling into the fetal position. So a word of advice to all the kids out there; if you're ever faced with a dangerous, possibly life threatening situation - be like Sammy and curl into the fetal position. Attacked by a bear? Curl into the fetal position. About to be mugged? Curl into a fetal position. Trapped in forest that has been set ablaze by the intense heat of a nearby volcano, just seconds from erupting? Screw stop, drop and roll - curl into the fetal position! If it saved Sammy, it can save you too. 

I must say, Sam's sense of self preservation is simply amazing. He couldn't whip up the psychic mumbo jumbo when his brother was being torn to pieces (on two separate occasions); but when it was his turn that hidden switch just magically flipped. Is Kripke trying to tell us something, or does Sam's sense of timing really . . . suck? 

As for season 4 of Supernatural, Kripke recently announced to TV Guide that Dean would be cooling his heels in hell for quite some time. He also stated that Ruby would be making a reappearance in season 4, but (it was rumored) that she probably would not by portrayed by Kate Cassidy. So, this leaves us with a conundrum. A) How do we keep Dean's body from transforming into a rotting corpse? And B) Who will be playing the part of Ruby? He also stated that there is an interesting change coming to the Supernatural universe, and that it would leave many of the series fans unhappy.

Well, somebody on Livejournal (I can't for the life of me remember who) solved that problem when she wrote a fic about how Sam summoned Ruby to inhabit Dean's body; so that he could save his brother's corporeal shell. I wasn't able to read the entire story, but those first few paragraphs were enough to make me mighty UNHAPPY. If Kripke is following this particular vein, I can very well understand how A LOT of the series fans would be UNHAPPY. 

Something else that would make me incredibly unhappy is if we got a repeat of Sam's performance in Mystery Spot. I realize that Sam needed to shut down some emotional aspects of his character in order to function without Dean - and avenge his death. But God Damn. The segment was so overly dramatic, extreme, and bordering ridiculous (insert corny)  that I kind of lost the ability to empathize. I hope Sam's affected nature will be a bit more diluted this time.

Well that's my rant. Now I need to go start ducking rotten vegetables.

May. 9th, 2008

Time Is On My Side . . . Not Really

When I first watched this episode I could not believe the number of reputable guest stars they managed to squeeze into this little golden episode. 


Feb. 6th, 2008

I.N.C. and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The other day The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck visited Bloomingdale's (on 59th and Lexington) to film a small segment about I.N.C.: International Concepts. She arrived around 5:00, equipped with a camera crew and some additional personnel. Her filmed segment about our humble department lasted approximately 30 minutes. 

During a large majority of the segment Hasselbeck was waving around a large cardboard cut-out of Sherri Shepherd's head. From time to time she would take Cardboard Sherri and paste her head to a selection of headless mannequins. Then she went from rack to rack and began placing dresses in front of each mannequin; all the while making comments about the color, style and price. At one point she placed a wig on Sherri's head and used some tissue paper to give it volume.

Good times.

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